mvalley (mvalley) wrote in petafans,

people starve while livestock consume grain?

Have you heard this while we are feeding our livestock all this grain and growing livestock feed on land that can be used for animals while all these people are starving. What they dont tell you though is most of the food cattle eat is not edible for humans. Some graze on land that cannot be used for farming. Besides the fact that governments cause a lot of starving and spoonfeeding does not help poor people anyway. The u.s. most of China japan and england give lots of food to there livestock yet no one is starving.
Humans can only eat the kernals of 20 foot corn. cant eat hay or grass. And sweet corn potatoes beet toppings what people cannot eat straw animals eat in the field. Besides there manure fertilizes crops that enable them to produce more food for man and beast. So it is a farce that we are starving people while we feed livestock because most food livestock eats and parts of it is not edible for humans. So much for that argument. Maybe John Stossell will have something to say about that himself.
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